Statutory Audit

Frequently Asked Question: What need to pay attention for company's tax filing?

Answer: One of the statutory requirements under the Inland Revenue Ordinance states that a limited company incorporated in Hong Kong has to submit its Profits Tax Return together with the audited financial statements in order to complete the company's tax filing requirements.


According to the Companies Ordinance, annual financial statements of a limited company incorporated in Hong Kong is required to be audited by a Certified Public Accountant with a practicing certificate issued by the Accounting and Financial Reporting Council. Our work follows the Hong Kong Accounting Standards and Auditing Standards as required by the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants ("HKICPA") and is under the governance of the institute’s ethical standards which emphasises on the independency of the reporting accountants and the confidentiality of clients’ information. We perform our audit engagements by reference to the auditing standards issued by the HKICPA while at the same time we will assess the business nature and the special situation of each client in order to carry out a risk-based approach for an efficient audit. We are experienced in handling different business audits. No matter if you are in service industry, trading, retailing, manufacturing, etc. We will support in preparing the statutory audit financial statements including balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements.

Special Audit

Sometimes, Government organised projects and schemes like Occupational Retirement Scheme (ORSO), Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) and Dedicated Fund on Branding Upgrading and Domestic Sales ("BUD") will require company to submit their audit report engaged by the Certified Public Accountant with practising certificate. If your company is looking for such assurance service, our valuable experience would be helpful.

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